Renewing the
joys of pregnancy.

A Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes diagnosis can be the start of a new journey... let us be your guide.

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Our Purpose

Made for Moms, by Moms.

Life gets busy. Prioritizing for yourself is hard! Our time saving  tools get you quicker doctor approved results


Better &
Faster Care

Save time with a simplified approach to tracking & understanding your glucose. Connect with your health coach & your own prenatal healthcare team easily with seamless support.


Realistic Goals &
Quick Results

We meet you where you are at  with tools for lasting results. Our Renewed Plate helps you easily adapt your favorite foods or choose a yummy recipe.  

Enjoyable Experiences

We’ve got you covered with more than just glucose control.
Relax with a meditation (ie. while laying hooked to a baby monitor); smile at a witty insightful message, enjoy connecting with other parents, and much more….


Entertaining Education

Quick tips videos & activities make healthy living fun, simple and applicable.  Learn about pregnancy, nutrition, personal growth, mindfulness, and more!

How it works

How RenewRX Works

Join your RenewRx coach & your OB provider(s) on a journey that begins exactly where YOU need it to.


Effortlessly log, track & send all your health metrics in real time. Just link your glucometer and any other smart health devices and we’ll take care of the rest.

• Get excited to follow your baby's weekly progress with customized milestones and tips.


Understand how different foods, movement, sleep and even emotions  affect your body.

•  See immediately how your body responds & when needed, how to improve its response. Easy to understand graphs of your data & simple feedback give you the confidence that you deserve.


Easily share, over a HIPPA secure platform, your results with your OB care team. Consult with your RenewRx health coach between office visits for a more integrated, personalized experience.

• Share stories with other women navigating similar situations in RenewRX’s community.


• During pregnancy, just like your baby, you too are experiencing personal growth.  Grow your mind and live intentionally with our proven mindfulness techniques.

• By focusing on just One Th1ng© at a time,  you will create lifelong healthy habits for both for you and your baby.

Your New Favorite Pregnancy
+ Health App

RenewRx Works with your Medical Provider. Not in Place of Them.

Track your baby’s growth and your own personal growth!  We bring personalized care to the fingertips of every person with Gestational or Pre-Existing Type 2 Diabetes to enhance your prenatal experience by expanding the services that your prenatal provider can offer.

We follows standards & guidelines so you can keep piece of mind.

Check out our Q&A section to learn more

Nourish your body. Strengthen your mind. Renew your health.

(And, feel confident knowing it's covered by your insurance)

It Can Take a Village...

But it only has to start with One Th1ng©, bite sized change that are proven to make new habits stick.

Mindfulness Activities

Experience mindfulness & intentional living through exercises rooted in ancient & scientifically proven practices.

Culinary Medicine & Meal Planning

Use food as medicine to nourish & support your body with RenewRx's tasty and simple meal strategies designed with your preferences in mind.

Baby Steps

To start living a healthier life, you need to know why you want to make changes. We will help define your motivation & focus on small things you can do to make the biggest improvements.

How it works

Your Time is Precious

Your time is valuable--the moment you’re referred, the experts at RenewRx have got you covered!


Increase your chance of  success by 95%

It’s proven that people achieve their goals when they, not only commit to them, but have a specific accountability buddy, like our health coaches and peer community to meet with on the regular!


Your time is precious

Your time is valuable —don’t spend it waiting in your doctor’s office to discuss your sugars. The moment you’re referred, the experts at RenewRx have got you!

What We Offer

Get More with RenewRx

Adding even more care to your healthcare.

The Renewed Way
Your Prenatal Provider + RenewRx
Prenatal care (w/ your provider) & any specialists  + Custom Nutriton & Lifestyle Support w/ RenewRx Team
Track & understand glucose, movement, meds, food,  & more. No more paper logs!
Rest assured that your OB  & RenewRx team are all monitoring your progress with the click of a button.
Create enjoyable habits that last beyond pregnancy.
Additional individualized support from a RenewRx health coach
Additional focus on wholistic & intentional mind-body living
How it works

Why RenewRx

We believe that a well rounded prenatal experience is based on these four pillars:


Our judgement free community is here to support you. Meaningfully connect with and share your stories with mamas just like you.  Stay accountable & motivated,  knowing your health coach & your provider are by your side

Meal Strategies

Experience food freedom, not food frustration. Use our Renewed plate framework and our recipe collection to still enjoy the foods that you love and get inspired in the kitchen. Coming Summer 2024, cooking classes and much more…


Our One Th1ng © mindfulness curriculum is uses scientifically proven techniques to enhance your wellness while simultaneously reducing stress. Confidently create habits that last beyond pregnancy.


Track your movement & see in real-time the impact it has on your overall health, your glucose and even your mood. Coming Summer 2025, join us for community movement experiences and virtual exercise classes.

RenewRX your privacy seriously! (HIPPA SYMBOL)

Evidence based recommendations + a wholistic approach to your care

(ADA Symbol + any other graphics you have (ask Megan about mindfulness content)

Coming Soon

Worry-Free Flavorful Meals

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The Renewed Plate + Recipe Database

Enjoy & elevate the foods you already love with our easy to understand feedback and browse through our recipe database for new ideas. Experience confidence & food freedom.

(Meal Prep Planning Strategy & cooking course coming summer 2023. Making health accessible, sustainable and fun!).


Outer Health

RenewRx will provide you with a guided journey tailored to your lifestyle and help you build a supportive community to ensure that your success is sustainable long after the birth of your baby.


Nourish your body. Strengthen your mind. Renew your health.

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